Winter Care


Just as you dress yourself in extra layers of clothes and winterproof your house to protect it from the cold, your car needs a bit of extra preparation to make it through the winter months.

  • Bodywork clean: removing road salt

    Road salt is a real nightmare for paintwork as it attracts, absorbs and retains moisture wherever it is deposited, which means that any build up on car surfaces accelerates rusting. Salt eats away at the finish, making paintwork dull over time and eventually causes metal to rust. Use Super Clean Wash & Wax to remove road salt from your vehicle so that it can’t eat through the body.

    Bodywork finish

    Waxing your car will add a protective layer ​to paintwork and safeguard it against the elements throughout the winter months. We recommend Extra Gloss Sealer Wax or Shine & Protect Car Wax.

  • Protecting exterior trim from the elements

    In winter, freezing temperatures and UV radiation from the sun cause fading, hardening and cracking. Door, bonnet and boot seals will maintain their shape and elasticity longer providing a better seal, if they are maintained. Apply Protect & Shine Bumper & Tyre Gel to help protect surfaces against the environment.

  • Wheel clean: removing road salt

    Dissolved road salt is particularly hazardous to alloy wheels with stone chip or kerbing damage. Clean your wheels thoroughly with Intensive Wheel Cleaner – use a brush to make sure you reach all of the nooks and crannies if you have spokes or intricate wheels. Follow up with a couple of coats of Extra Gloss Sealer Wax to protect them.

    Tyre protection

    Iron-rich brake dust sitting on the damaged rim surface facilitates more rapid corrosion of the aluminium alloy that makes up the wheel beneath. It’s also a good idea to apply a layer of protection to tyres use Protect & Shine Bumper & Tyre Gel.

  • Leather

    Much of the dirt you see outside the car makes its way inside on people’s feet. Your car’s interior is subject to the same environmental factors as the exterior.

    Leather is an organic material and can be prone to drying or cracking in freezing temperatures, so use a suitable product. Essential Care Leather Cleaner removes dirt and stains from all types of leather. Multi Surface Interior Cleaner removes stains from fabric, upholstery, plastic and vinyl.


    Salt leaves messy white stains, and will deteriorate the appearance of the car interior when mixed with water. Vacuum when dry and use a use a silicon-free product.

  • Stay safe with sparkling windows

    Visibility is key during winter time so make sure you keep the glass clean – inside and out. Use Super Clean Wash & Wax to remove road salt and dirt from your vehicle. To avoid streaks and smears, 2 squirts of Sparkling Glass Cleaner should be enough to clean a window. Use Intensive Cream Glass Polish to remove greasy smears and wiper blade marks from the windscreen.

    Dazzle from low winter sun can be a particular problem and scratches, abrasions and chips on the outside can worsen the dazzling effect of the sun. When roads are really mucky you need to clean light lenses on a regular basis.

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