Johan has, since childhood, been fascinated by everything to do with an engine and began to customise bikes, mopeds and later cars at an early age. Johan who locally is more popularly known as "Volvo Johan”, “Viper- or Charger-Johan” has always loved the American muscle car culture, primarily Mopar with their big engines and heavy attribute compressors and headers. Through the years, Johan has completed several acclaimed builds with the most famous 96 Dodge Viper GTS and the black Dodge Charger 68.

  • The Dodge Charger RTR

    Johan's latest project is a Dodge Charger, which has the working title RTR. This project is the most extreme construction of Johan's so far, that really challenges in terms of both performance and design. Just getting the rear wheels, which measure a full 15 " by 24" inside the modified rear panels, requires both expertise, patience and an eye for how to balance customisation and the original lines of the design. Johan and his team have already spent many hours on the extensive modification and will continually evolve the car.

  • The Dodge Charger 68

    Johan, his team mates and friends have spent years developing details both mechanically and in appearance both inside and out of the car into a true work of art on wheels. The detail and quality feeling is at the highest level and it has bin proven repeatedly when the car has won awards at all events it participated in. 

    A selection of the prizes Johan´s Dodge Charger -68 won:
    Swedens best looking car 2009
    Best in show Crazy Car Central SEMA 2011
    Peoples Choice & Best in Show Amcar Oslo Motor Show 2012
    Winner European Tuning Showdown 2013
  • The Dodge Viper GTS

    Johan´s Dodge Viper with the unmistakable V10 engine is tuned with both improved appearance and engine character. It has won numerous awards at various car festivals for years. The car is used as a "Track Day" car by Johan at selected times during the summers, but also runs well on a public road for a trip to the local ice cream dealer with the family.