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Christian Foster is a Marketing Manager at Turtle Wax and is involved with all aspects of the brand across Europe. He loves testing the latest Turtle Wax products on his car. Team Turtle Wax will be taking part in the "Monte Carlo or bust" banger rally and under Christian’s leadership the team will cross through 6 European countries raising valuable funds for Pendleside Hospice. Equipped with two cars bought for no more than £300 the team will take on Europe's greatest roads. The 5-day crusade will take the team through some of Europe’s most exciting locations on spectacular roads with backdrops of sun, sea, sand…and even snow!

  • Prep Day

    Before the team embark on this epic journey they have been hard at work preparing their cars for the rally. Using a variety of Turtle Wax products they will turn these run down bangers into super shiny rally cars. The cars will be fully Turtle Wax branded with car stickers and even Tommy Turtle will be along for the ride.
  • Monte Carlo or Bust - Day 1

    Our adventure begins in the late hours of Wednesday evening when will travel from our base in Lincoln down to Dover, all being well this stage should take around 5 hours. 
  • Monte Carlo or Bust - Day 2

    Black Forest Gateau starts in the capital of Wallonia, Namur. The town is famous for its small cobbled streets, lively squares and huge selection of cured meats and beers.  All teams are required to register the night before the race at the rendezvous spot between 19:00 and 00:00
    Monte Carlo - Day 2
  • Monte Carlo or Bust - Day 3

    Day three includes an optional stop at Bastogne a famous battle site of WWII. Back on the road our banger will drive through the beautiful valleys of Luxemburg – we will of course be taking full advantage to fill the tank with some of the cheapest fuel in Europe. We end the day amongst the mountains of the Black Forest in Freiburg.  Here we’ll find delicious food, wonderful scenery, saunas and lake swimming.
  • Monte Carlo or Bust - Day 4

    Day Four sees us cross the border into Switzerland and enjoy the alpine roads and mountain passes as we cross one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.  The green hills and valleys turn to snow-capped mountains as head further South and we’ll keep a low gear as we head up to the Gotthard Pass and descend via some adrenaline- pumping twists and turns and cross the Devil’s Bridge.  We finish our day on the shore of Lake Como and the beautiful town of Menaggio.  Here we’ll watch the sun set over the water and sample the excellent local food and wine.

  • Monte Carlo or Bust - Day 5

    Day five starts with an optional trip on a car ferry across the lake.  From here we’ll drive through the Italian countryside.  Some may be tempted by a stop at Monza on the way.  Once on the main roads we’ll wind through the magnificent scenery and head for the sea to meet up with the coastal road E80 and experience spectacular scenery as we cruise across the border into France.  A few more mountain turns and you’ll be crossing the finish line in Monte Carlo!  What better way to finish than having a quick lap of the F1 circuit and then parking up next to a Bentley at the Casino


    We firstly used Zip Wax concentrated shampoo to thoroughly clean both cars, then we used the Refine & Shine Clay Bar Kit which removes all of the contaminants such as tree sap and break dust. To restore the faded paintwork we used the Red Rubbing Compound, It effectively removes scratches and oxidation from paintwork. When then used Color Magic which restores and adds colour back to all paintwork. The tyres were dressed using Wet n Black tyre dressing and all exterior plastic was treated with exterior plastic and trim restore. After a thorough clean with the vacuum all of the seats were treated with Interior 1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner. All of the interior plastics were treated with Clear Results Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner.



    The cars that we have chosen to take us on our journey to Monte Carlo are the Volvo V70 2.0 and the Rover 100 Ascot. Our bangers have cost no more than £300, all the teams are encouraged to put less effort into their engines – and more effort into dressing the car and crew. Our cars will be fully Turtle Wax branded with car stickers and Tommy Turtle will be along for the ride. Both cars were in poor condition, the paintwork for both cars had lots of scratches & swirl marks. The interiors were also filthy and really neglected with strong pet smells. To show how effective the products were we sectioned the cars in half on the outside using tape.





We firstly used Turtle Wax Zip Wax concentrated wash and wax  to thoroughly clean both cars.



The second product we used was the Turtle Wax  Refine & Shine Clay Bar Kit which removes all of the contaminants such as tree sap, insects, road tar and brake dust 



With the bodywork thoroughly cleaned  the next step was to use Turtle Wax Red Rubbing Compound  to restore the faded paintwork.  It effectively removes scratches and oxidation from the paintwork



After a thorough clean with the vacuum all of the seats were treated with Interior 1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner. All of the interior plastics were treated with Clear Results Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner.  This product cleans and freshens all interior surfaces on vinyl and plastic leaving a natural finish.  It is also a powerful odour neutraliser.

Rebecca Jackson - World Record Holder!

by Rebecca Jackson | Jun 24, 2015
Last week RAC enlisted the help of two drivers - Andrew Frankel and myself - to help conquer a Guinness World Record, writes Rebecca Jackson. 
The idea was to drive through as many countries as possible on one tank of fuel without travelling on a ferry or train; Record Road Trip was the code name given for the event. The tank was a 73 litre diesel in an Audi A6 2.0 Ultra fitted with a DSG automatic gearbox. We started in the Netherlands and a carefully planned route meant we avoided traffic jams as much as possible thus keeping the car moving for almost 28 hours of nonstop driving. Breaks were limited to less than 20 minutes as this is when the car would start to lose its efficiency due to heat loss. Andrew and I swapped seats every 4 hours at these short stops and managed to cover 1158 miles, drive through 14 countries and average an economy figure of 75.9MPG. Two key features of the car, other than it being fairly frugal anyway, that aided our success are Audi’s coasting function as a safe way of allowing the car to run in neutral down hill, and the ability to manually select a gear with the paddle shifts positioned behind the steering wheel. Despite this, it will not allow the revs to drop too low before automatically selecting the lower gear. Therefore it was vital to travel at the right speed for each gear. We found that around 1100 RPM and approximately 57MPH seemed to work for 7th gear on the flat. Our average speed throughout was 46MPH. An adjudicator from Guinness World Record joined us on our challenge supervising the sealing of the fuel tank, ensuring no modifications had been made to the car and congratulated us at the end with a formal presentation of a framed certificate.  

Total number of countries: 
  1. Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. Luxembourg
  4. France
  5. Switzerland
  6. Austria
  7. Liechtenstein
  8. Slovenia
  9. Italy
  10. Germany
  11. Bosnia
  12. Serbia
  13. Croatia 
  14. Hungary 


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