Glass Cleaning

Our Clean & Sparkle Glass Towel is not like those run-of-the-mill glass cleaning towels.

Each side of this dual-textured microfibre glass towel has its own specific purpose to get your windows and mirrors sparkling clean with zero streaks or smudges.

The heavier texture on green side is for wiping away soil buildup on a first pass with a glass cleaner.


Here in our range of accessories, you’ll find all the auto detailing supplies you need to help wash, restore and beautify your car, inside and out! From sponges, wash mitts and drying towels to application pads for waxing, polishing and buffing your paint.

From multi-purpose microfibre cloths, interior cleaning cloths and wheel brushes to upholstery brushes, wheel brushes and squeegees. Browse our car detailing accessories to see which ones you should add to your car care kit!

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Turtle Wax

Clean & Sparkle Glass Towel


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Turtle Wax

Sparkle Squeegee


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