Bug & Tar Remover

Stubborn surface contaminants like acidic bug residue, tar, tree sap and bird droppings can damage your car’s paint surface over time. 

The #1 selling* bug and tar remover from Turtle Wax safely and easily removes these substances for a finish that’s truly clean! Just spray it on, let the product do all the work and wipe the surface clean. No scrubbing and no scratching the finish.


Here it is. The entire line-up of every product we offer to care for the exterior of your car. From car shampoo and ceramic car polish to headlight cleaner products and scratch removers, you’ll find just the right solutions, formulated with the right expertise, innovation and passion, to help your car look showroom new.

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Turtle Wax

Bug & Tar Remover 500 ML


Turtle Wax

Bug & Tar Remover 2 x 500 ML


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