One-Step Paint Correct & Wax


One Step Car Paint Correction & Wax Kit includes:

One Step Car Paint Correction & Wax Kit includes:

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Shiny, clean cars are one thing, but shiny, clean cars free of scratches and swirls bring a whole new level of wow to your driveway. With our One Step Paint Correct & Wax Kit, we’ve made car paint correction easy even for beginners to remove all those swirls, light scratches and cobwebs and lay down a beautifully glossy layer of ceramic protection – all in one simple step!

This product really is a terrific starter kit for beginning detailers. The advanced technology in the polish and car wax gently removes imperfections in your clear coat without risk of damaging your finish, and it’s simple to apply by hand or with a DA polisher! With the dual-action polish and wax, light scratches, swirls and oxidation vanish before your eyes! In their place, you’ll leave a gorgeous, glossy coat of long-lasting ceramic protection. And the included super-soft microfiber towels help you clean up your work, so you’ll have a showroom-shiny car with zero swirls!

Step 1

Wash and dry your car.

Step 2

Using the foam hand applicator or the orange pad on a DA polisher, apply 4 dime-sized drops to the paint surface and polish, working in a 2’ x 2’ panel.

Step 3

Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Step 4

Work around the car, repeating these steps, in 2’ x 2’ panels.


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