Road Trip Kit


The Road Trip Kit includes:

The Road Trip Kit includes:

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The classic road trip is back in a big way with all the fun…and messes…that come with it. Spending hours in a car inevitably leads to things like spilled snacks and drinks, but, with the Turtle Wax Road Trip Kit, you’ll be prepared to clean up any interior mess.

And with an advanced waterless car wash and high-performance bug and tar remover, you’ll wipe away the road grime, water spots, bug remains, tar splatter and bird droppings that come from miles and miles on the open highway.

Including everything from a disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover to an exterior bug and tar remover, waterless car wash and some microfiber towels, this road trip essentials pack will come in handy to clean up during any long trip – or even during routine detailing.

All items in the kit stow neatly away in a trunk organizer, perfect for a road trip refresh or a driveway deep clean.

For tips and tricks on cleaning your car, check out our How-To section. You’ll find handy articles and guides on keeping your car looking its best, whether you’re at home or on the road.


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