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Life Gets Mucky


Life's too short to do anything but the stuff you want to do. So love your car. But do what you want. Enjoy yourself. Let what happens happen and don’t worry about the dirt and the mud, the smudges and smears, the wear and the tear. Be ready for them. We’ve spent almost 70 years finding new and better ways to protect your car from the muck life throws at it. So with a little help from the Turtle, you can easily put the shine back.



Driverless Cars – a glimpse into the future

by Rebecca Jackson | Jun 13, 2016
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Racing on a Street Circuit

by Rebecca Jackson | May 17, 2016
On the road I practice what I preach and you certainly won’t find me speeding through housing estates and villages. On the circuit however, I grow horns and my demon side takes over.
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How to go racing at the Nurburgring

by Rebecca Jackson | Apr 25, 2016
For petrol-heads the world over, one of the most famous places of all is the Nurburgring in Germany.
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An exciting announcement

by Rebecca Jackson | Apr 11, 2016
At the beginning of this year my motorsport mojo took a bit of a battering. First, my potential drive for 2016 fell through, and then having flown all the way to Dubai to compete in the 24-hour race, my team-mate crashed our BMW M235i before I even got behind the wheel. In terms of motorsport, it was rather a depressing start to the year.
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A celebration of the Land Rover Defender

by Rebecca Jackson | Apr 06, 2016
If you want to see really mucky then watch some Land Rover Defenders in action on a Pay and Play Day, or green laning or even rallying. Yes you might think only Escorts and the likes of are rally cars but think again! Bowler and Land Rover work together on Defender Challenge so the 4 wheel drive beast can compete in the same rallies as these monsters of motorsport and I even took to the wheel of one in my first ever rally last September. It was thrilling and a completely new experience as a circuit racer.
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Turtle Spring Clean!

by Rebecca Jackson | Mar 29, 2016
The long nights and sub zero temperatures start to disappear, pretty daffodils pop out of the ground and interesting sports cars, kit cars and bikes emerge from their winter hibernations. It is also time for a spring clean! This is not reserved for the home only, your car needs a spring clean too!
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Be Careful On The Road

by Rebecca Jackson | Feb 24, 2016
This may be a strange choice of topic, slower driving. Well pause for one minute and think about the safety associated with racing.
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London Classic Car Motor Show

by Rebecca Jackson | Feb 23, 2016
If you were in London this weekend and have a love of cars, the chances are you went to the London Classic Car Show, at Excel Centre based near Docklands. If you missed out then hopefully this insight will give you a glimpse of perhaps why you need to be there next year!
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#ASKTOMMY Latest Tips

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to wax your car or want to know how to prevent your alloys from dulling, then look no further as Tommy is here to help. Tommy is our resident expert on all things Turtle Wax. Below are just some of the questions he’s answered but if there is something you would like to ask then simply tweet us @TrtleWaxUK and use the hashtag #AskTommy.