Rebecca Jackson is the resident Turtle Wax racer, taking part in some of the biggest events in the racing calendar. She has engineered a four year plan to progress through the Porsche brand up to GT racing and eventually the highly prestigious "Le Mans 24 hour" endurance race. She is also a motoring journalist and writes for top publications including Telegraph Motoring. Rebecca has seen plenty of success since embarking on her racing career including:

  • 5 podiums positions in the Porsche 924 Championship
  • Project Le Mans Porsche Boxster Championship
  • Awarded Michelin Inspirational Woman 3 years in a row
  • World Record challenge

    On the 9th June Rebecca Jackson along with motoring journalist Andrew Frankel took part in an incredible World Record attempt. The task was to drive through as many countries as possible on a single tank of fuel.
    The team were driving almost continuously, using as little fuel as possible to maximise their all-important miles-per-gallon figure. They made their way on a carefully planned route from the Netherlands through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and Italy towards the Balkans. 
    In total they clocked up 1,158.9 miles and made it through an incredible 14 countries meaning Rebecca Jackson is now a World Record holder. 
  • Donington Park

    Qualifying got off to a bit of a rocky start on the Saturday as it was raining and the Porsche's wet tyres weren't ready. Rebecca and team mate Mike Seller managed to qualify 8th out of 8 cars in their class. Not exactly the result they were after but under the circumstances, they both came away happy and ready to race. From there things just got better, Mike and Rebecca to climb from 31st to 17th. In the GTB class they came 5th out of the 8 cars that started the race. On the Sunday Rebecca took on her own sprint race, bagging a 4th – out of a total of 16 cars – for the team while Mike picked up a 3rd!
  • Brands Hatch

    Rebecca is new to the Brands Hatch GP circuit so this was a huge learning curve. However, she managed to get some simulator time in with Strakka Racing, which made a huge difference. On Saturday, all was going well until the team picked up a pit stop penalty for a pit exit infringement. This led to a drive-through penalty, which affected times but the car had to come in shortly after once again due to a problem with seat belts. While this wasn't ideal, the Saturday was a great chance for Rebecca to compare her times to team mate Mike Seller's. Rebecca is less than a second off his lap time and now beginning to see the places she's quicker. The Sunday brought about some great battles and even gave Tommy Turtle the chance to have a ride in the safety car. Overall Rebecca finished 7th out of all the cars in their class. This now puts Team Turtle Wax second in the GTB group. Rebecca had a fantastic battle with a BMW M3 during one race and is thrilled to see lap times improving. This is all valuable information going into Rebecca's next race, which will be at Silverstone on 13th and 14th June.

  • SIlverstone

    Home of the British Grand Prix and a rather special circuit for me; it’s where I first attended a motorsport event as a baby in my pram, whilst my dad was competing. It’s where I did my race licence training and competed in my first ever race! Therefore to take the 911 there after having raced in my Porsche 924, then Boxster, it will be a magical weekend. The whole team is staying in Snoozebox accommodation which is perfectly sized and appointed, just like the ones you can book for Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival.
  • Snetterton

    Where I drove to victory for the very first time in my Porsche 924 in torrential rain, during my 2nd season of racing. The fairly new ‘infield’ section is made up of circuit owner Jonathan Palmer’s favourite corners from tracks around the world. That makes it very rewarding to drive and a great feeling when you get it right! I am very much looking forward to competing here. 
  • Oulton Park

    This is the local circuit for Turtle Wax, on the doorstep of Liverpool and a tough one to master. It’s great for spectators as there are superb views of the picturesque circuit; another blessed with stunning woodland and several undulations. It’s extremely enjoyable to drive and where I landed my first podium. Being the last race of the season, by this point we will know how we fair in the overall possibility of a top ​three championship finish.


My favourite car has to be my racing car. Its engine, which is located at the rear, pushes out 470 horsepower and 325 pound foot of torque, all going to the rear wheels and propels it to 60 in just 3 seconds! You could say it is a bit of a monster! Not only is it powerful but it’s also incredibly rewarding to drive and it is beautiful looking. There are not many people that would argue the beauty of a Porsche 911, especially in Turtle wax livery.

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My favourite product is Waterless Wash because it is by far the most flexible product for cleaning all areas of a car, motorbike and even bicycles.




My favourite as a driver is the Sparkling Glass cleaner because it means visibility is the best it can be. This is vital on the race track or road!



In third place is the Intensive Tar and Sap remover as it gets rid of anything on the bodywork of the car.



Team Turtle Wax of Quinntech Racing love having a clean Porsche 911 race car and all the support vehicles too. In fact it would be fair to say we are almost obsessive about how clean all our vehicles are, even the bikes that are sometimes with us on a race weekend.