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5 Must-Have Professional Car Detailing Products

In this article you will learn:

  • 5 professional car detailing products that are essential for creating a showroom finish

  • The top picks from Turtle Wax to have on your shelf

  • Pro tips and tricks to simplify your detailing routine

For professional detailers, transforming a worn and weathered vehicle into a sleek, shiny showstopper is just another Tuesday. They make it look easy—infuriatingly so, especially if you’re new to DIY detailing. Like any other craft, the more hands-on experience you have, the more your skill improves, and the more you pick up little bits of know-how and techniques that elevate your detailing routine. Of course, honing your craft requires trial and error, something that can be quite expensive when you’re talking about a paint job worth several thousand quid. 

The secret to incredible detailing is knowing which products and which techniques work best to create flawless, long-lasting, eye-popping results. Professional detailers are very particular about the professional car detailing products they use in their car care, and for good reason. No two detailing products are the same; each has its own formula, its own strengths and weaknesses and its own traits that set it apart from other solutions. So, if you’re looking to achieve pro-level results, knowing which products the pros prefer is essential.  

We’ve compiled a list of the Turtle Wax products that professionals reach for the most to take their detailing routines to the next level. Here are their top 5 picks for creating that flawless, showroom look! 

5. Hybrid Solutions PRO Pure Wash

Every good detailing starts with a wash. There are lots of great options for car shampoos out there, ranging from heavy-duty detergents to quick and convenient waterless wash sprays. But, to get the longest-lasting, pro-level finish, you’ll want a pH-balanced, high-foaming car wash that goes easy on your vehicle’s paint, while effortlessly removing dirt and stains from the car exterior. Hybrid Solutions PRO Pure Wash is the perfect match. 

This professional-grade car wash produces a thick, fluffy foam that not only minimizes the risk of scratches while washing your car, but also works as a fantastic lubricant when paired with a clay bar or mitt to decontaminate the finish. It’s a multitasker and a timesaver, so it’s no wonder the pros love it, especially when they have back-to-back clients.  

tw max power

4. MaxShine Clay Mitt

A plush, microfiber wash mitt is one of the top detailing accessories for washing your car, and this premium mitt is one of the plushest.  

On one side of the mitt, durable, high-pile loops of chenille microfiber make scrubbing away dirt and stains a breeze. Then, once you’re done washing your car, just flip the mitt over to the clay substrate side to remove any embedded contaminants with your preferred clay lubricant.  

The clay substrate lasts for up to 40 uses before it needs to be replaced—much longer than your typical clay bar—so needless to say, it makes the job much more efficient, combining washing and decontamination into one easy step! 

hs graphene pro to the max wax

3. Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done Professional Polishing Compound

One of the biggest tasks when detailing any vehicle is restoring scratched, swirled or oxidised paintwork to its original shine and lustre. Most polishing compounds are designed to correct just one severity of damage, whether it be fine lines and swirls or heavier scratches and oxidation, but Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done works great for all kinds of paint correction, thanks to its incredibly flexible formula.  

Whether you need a light polish or a heavy-duty cut, simply pair this compound with the appropriate pad to get the deepest cloud-reflecting shine imaginable.  

Plus, this high-performance compound also makes a great lens restorer, so while you’re at it, try pairing PRO 1 & Done with a soft, microfiber detailing cloth to remove any light oxidation from your headlights! 

hs pro 1 and done

2. Hybrid Solutions 50/50 Pad

What if you could restore your vehicle’s paintwork without having to switch between multiple pads? Introducing our Hybrid Solutions 50/50 Pad.  

As with many of the other products that made it to the top, this cutting pad is an excellent multitasker. Using a blend of two different types of microfiber, the 50/50 pad performs a heavy-duty cut while simultaneously smoothing away lighter defects, leaving a smooth, spotless clear coat in its wake. Using just 1-2 of these pads with a buffing machine and Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done, you can polish your paintwork to a professional-grade finish in just a fraction of the time.  

tw pads

1. Hybrid Solutions 75th Birthday Ceramic + Graphene Paste Wax

The final step to really make that showroom look pop is to top it all off with a fresh coat of wax. Of course, it was no surprise to us that everyone’s favourite wax would be one that combined years' worth of innovations into one fantastic paste.  

It has ceramics. It has graphene. It combines 10 different waxes—that, on their own, are already impressive—into the ultimate hybrid. We’re talking about our Hybrid Solutions Ceramic + Graphene Paste Wax, specially designed to commemorate our 75th anniversary.  

Each ingredient in the Ceramic + Graphene Paste Wax formula has benefits that build on one another. Ceramic polymers, for instance, are excellent at repelling dirt and water to keep your finish cleaner between washes, and graphene’s incredible durability and UV protection helps the benefits of ceramics last even longer. Combine that with the rich, eye-popping gloss of 10 different waxes, and you’ll have a freshly detailed car that will take anyone’s breath away.  

hs graphene flex wax


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