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Best Car Detailing Products for Achieving a Showroom Finish

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the best car polish to detail your car to create a showroom finish

  • Which detailing supplies you’ll need for professional-grade results

  • The best way to remove scratches and swirls from your car’s paint job

Owning a car is one thing; owning a sleek, shiny car with perfectly polished paint that sparkles in the sunlight is another thing entirely. Something about the latter just brightens our day; having nice things and keeping them looking nice is... nice!  

Anyone can make their vehicle look stunning, and it's a lot easier than you might think. The key is knowing the best products for car detailing —and how to use them—to create beautiful, eye-popping results. In this article, we’ll share the best car detailing products from Turtle Wax for achieving a showroom finish, right in your drive!  

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Hybrid Solutions PRO Pure Wash 

One of the main things that sets a professional car detailing apart from the rest is the amount of preparation that goes into the process. Any pro detailer will tell you that, when it comes to creating a beautiful, flawless finish, taking the time to hand wash and dry your vehicle makes all the difference. That means skipping the drive-thru and breaking out the hose, bucket and car wash shampoo.  

You’ll want to look for quality, high-foaming car wash shampoo designed to pull dirt and grime away from the finish. Dirt and other contaminants can be abrasive, and foam acts as a barrier to prevent them from scratching or damaging the clear coat.  

Our pH-balanced Hybrid Solutions PRO Pure Wash is the best of the best. Pair it with your favorite car wash mitt to break up tough stains in just a few, gentle swipes!  

Pro tip: When hand drying your car, it’s important to pat gently—not rub—with a few microfiber towels for a smooth, spot-free finish! 

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MaxShine Clay Mitt 

Once you’ve washed and dried your vehicle, there’s one more important step to get it completely clean: decontaminating the clear coat. This step removes any leftover pollutants that have made their way into the first layer of the finish so that your wax can adhere directly to the paint.  

To check your paint for contaminants, just place a zipper storage bag over your hand and glide it across the clear coat. If you feel any rough textures or grittiness, you’ll need to decontaminate the finish before moving on to the next step. 

Our MaxShine Clay Mitt is a car wash and a decontaminating tool, so you can use it with Hybrid Solutions PRO Pure Wash to scrub away dirt and soils, then flip it over to the smooth clay side to remove embedded soils and other contaminants. Just be sure to dip the mitt in a clean bucket of water between uses to avoid recontaminating your finish.  

Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done 

Next, it’s time to get rid of all the scratches, swirls and oxidation your car’s paint has accrued from months—or even years—of use. The pros call it paint correction, but you might be more familiar with the term “polishing.”  

There are two ways to polish your car: you can polish by hand, or, if you’re a bit more experienced, you can save time and achieve even smoother results with a machine polisher. Either way, you’ll need a fine-grit car polish that can target and smooth light-to-moderate defects while giving your paint that extra high-level shine.  

The best polish for the job is Hybrid Solutions PRO 1 & Done. This professional-grade car polishing compound features a special formula that adjusts to the intensity of your cutting pad. You can use it to repair light scratches, buff away swirls or even give the clear coat a quick touch-up.  

Before using a polish on your paint, be sure to cover unpainted surfaces like your plastic trim with masking tape. Polishing compounds are very difficult to remove from these areas of your car. 

pro one and done compound

Hybrid Solutions PRO To the Max Wax 

Once your paint is clean and flawless, it’s time to take that glossy finish to the next level with a fresh coat of wax. With so many waxes to choose from, finding the best one can be quite overwhelming. We have an article that covers this topic in more detail, but for now, we’ll recommend the wax that will give you the deepest, wet-like shine to achieve that classic, showroom look: Hybrid Solutions PRO To The Max

This liquid combines carnauba wax, ceramics and graphene to give you the most durable and long-lasting gloss. Not only will you achieve a beautiful, eye-popping showroom shine, but it’ll last for up to six months with minimal touchups, so you can spend less time maintaining your car and more time enjoying your sweet ride.  

Once you have these products in your arsenal, cleaning and detailing your car to create a showroom finish is simple.  

And, if you want to save even more time and money on car care, you can get all these detailing products, along with the corresponding tools and accessories as a part of our Hybrid Solutions PRO Launch Kit!  

pro graphene flex wax


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