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Best DIY Car Wash Kit For The Weekend

In this article you will learn:

  • Which products work best for washing your car at home

  • The right Turtle Wax car wash shampoo for a squeaky clean, spotless finish

  • Tips from professional detailers that you can use for a DIY car wash

A sunny weekend day is the best time to get a little fresh air and wash your car. The birds are chirping, you’ve got a break from the grind, and the vibe is right. It’s just you and your car without a care in the world. Plus, if you do the job early on Saturday, you’ll have the rest of the weekend to enjoy your freshly cleaned car. 

When you pull your car into the drive and grab the bucket, hosepipe and wash mitt, which products do you reach for to do the job? And do you know the pro’s tips to get your car’s paint showroom clean?  

Fear not, these 4 must-have products, along with our handy advice, will help you keep the good times rolling!  

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Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel Cleaner & Tyre Prep

Cleaning your wheels and tyres is the toughest and messiest part of a car wash. Not only will you contend with mud, soils and road film but also the metallic dust that sheds from your brake pads and leaves a terribly stubborn black film on your wheels. This job should be the first part of your exterior cleaning, and you’ll need a heavy-duty cleaner that was developed for this specific purpose. 

Hybrid Solutions Hyper Foam Wheel & Tyre Cleaner might just be the world’s best cleaner for this task. Sprayed onto your tyres and wheels, the foaming action removes browning from tyre sidewalls, restoring their jet-black appearance and breaks up the most stubborn wheel grime and brake dust, leaving them looking factory-fresh.  

But the secret formula inside this spray bottle does something even more remarkable. It contains corrosion-resistant, soil-shedding polymers that keep your tyres and wheels shiny clean for longer. After all, who wants to do the messiest part of a car wash more than they have to? 

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Hybrid Solutions Pro Pure Wash

This advanced, professional-grade car wash solution is formulated to power away the toughest soils, stains, grime and road film while protecting your paint from the micro-scratches that can occur with lesser car wash products. This protection comes in two forms. 

First, the exceptional foaming action helps surround and lift soils that might otherwise abrade your car’s clear coat as you agitate with the wash mitt. Then, we doubled down on this gentle care by formulating the wash with our own lubricating Slick & Slide polymers. These polymers help your wash mitt or sponge slip smoothly across the finish, again helping you avoid rubbing grit into your car’s finish. The result is sparkling clean paint, metal, plastic, rubber and auto glass that will make your car look showroom-new again. 

And, if you really want to elevate your car wash game, use a foam cannon and pressure washer as part of a pre-wash. Hybrid Solutions Pro Pure Wash is compatible with all of today’s foam cannons to really amplify the foaming action. Pair that with a two bucket wash method, and you’ll be washing just like a pro! 

Pro Tip: For of scrubbing stubborn, stuck-on bird droppings, insects, tree sap or tar, use a bug and tar remover product to break up these soils more easily. Chemical removal like this is safer for your paint. 

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Dual-Action Wash & Clay Mitt

Foam alone will not do the trick. Working in combination with an effective car wash shampoo, you need the right tool to remove dirt and grime safely. We recommend the best car wash mitt our dual-purpose MaxShine Clay Mitt. The hyper-absorbent plush-pile loops of chenille microfiber are soft on your paint but tough on soils.  

If superior cleaning action and gentle protection weren’t enough, this mitt effectively performs a second function, too. Flip it over and you’ll find a synthetic clay surface that does the job of a clay bar to remove contaminants that have become embedded in the car’s clear coat. In fact, you can even use Hybrid Solutions Pro Pure Wash in place of clay bar lubricant for safe decontaminating action.  

The clay surface on this mitt is designed to last for up to 40 applications. That’s up to 20 times longer than an old-fashioned clay bar. 

Pro Tip: Determining whether your car requires decontamination is simple. Place a zippered plastic sandwich bag over your hand and glide it softly over your car’s finish. If you feel any grittiness at all, those are embedded contaminants. Anything less than a glassy smooth feeling, and it’s time to put that clay mitt to work. 

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Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax

Our Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax will add incredible gloss to your paint, creating a shine that’s impossible to achieve by cleaning alone. And because this formula contains pure graphene, the strongest substance known to science, and ceramic polymers, one of the gold standards for lasting protection, you can expect up to 12 months of lasting protection for your paint.  

Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax will help repel soils, resist UV rays and protect against light scratches and swirls. Not to mention that its water-beading action will make drying your car easier every time to wash it. All for just a few more minutes of TLC…totally worth it! 

That’s it–our best products for a basic DIY car wash kit, along with a few tips to get the most out of it. Once you have your weekend wash kit, check out some of our other how-to articles. There’s always something new to learn about car care! 

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