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Where is that stench coming from? It’s usually easy to locate the source of foul odours in your car, but once you remove the culprit, the offensive smells tend to hang around. Find out how to remove stubborn odours from your car using Turtle Wax’s line of Power Out! products with exclusive Odor-X technology.


The first thing you should always do is remove any items from your car that are causing foul odours. Throw away old food and rubbish, remove sweaty or wet clothes, and empty the ashtrays. Odours sitting on removable surfaces can still seep into your car’s seats and vents.

After all of the odour sources have been removed from your car, begin by thoroughly cleaning all of your interior surfaces to destroy the smells. For soft surfaces, our line of Power Out! products are perfect for getting the job done. Use our Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner for the upholstery, or Power Out! Leather Cleaner & Conditioner if you have a leather interior, and Power Out! Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner for carpets. The Odor-X technology in all of our products continues to deodorise for up to 30 days.


Vacuum up any loose dirt and small bits of debris before you begin with the upholstery cleaner. Shake the can well and spray evenly onto the fabric surface.

Detach the integrated micro-scrub brush by pushing the button and sliding it upwards. Then use the brush to massage the foam deep into the upholstery fibres, allowing the exclusive Odor-X technology to eradicate the odour particles on a molecular level. Afterward, wipe with a clean cloth.

Follow the same steps with our Power Out! Carpet & Mats Heavy Duty Cleaner for odours deep in your carpet fibres.

If you have a leather interior, follow the same steps as well with our Power Out! Leather Cleaner & Conditioner with Odor-X. Apply a light layer of foam on the seats, and use the attached soft-bristle brush to gently massage the product into the leather. Promptly wipe clean with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth.

vacuum any loose dirt


For your hard interior surfaces, use Power Out! Odor-X Odor Eliminator & Refresher Spray, paired with the Power Out! Odor-X Whole Car Blast. Apply the Eliminator & Refresher Spray directly onto your hard surfaces, and wipe clean to eliminate the absorbed odours.

Next, turn on your car’s air conditioning to full blast, and set the air recirculation mode. Crack the windows just slightly. Then, place the Whole Car Blast in a cup holder, on the floor, or on the centre console, and press the actuator valve until it clicks into place and starts dispensing a mist. Exit the car and wait about 15 minutes, as the mist penetrates the air vents, and all hard and soft surfaces. Wait for the fog to clear, and you’ll be left with a fresh, clean scent.

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