Restore Leather Car Seats With Leather Cleaner

How to Restore Leather Car Seats With Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

In this article you will learn:

  • How to restore and protect your leather seats

  • The importance of maintaining your leather interior

  • Which ingredients to look for in a car leather cleaner and conditioner

Over the years, automakers have made countless innovations—just think of all the changes to the driver’s seat alone! We can adjust our position and alignment with the push of a button, and, in some cases, even heat up the car seat to make driving more comfortable in the winter.  

Along with these advances, car manufacturers continue to discover new ways to make leather seats more beautiful, durable and livable, making them the most preferred car seats on the market. Leather seats are a luxury that adds a great deal of value to your car. That said, they still need routine care and a car leather cleaner to stay soft and supple.   

The good news is, taking care of your leather interior is simple; all you need is a leather cleaner for cars. So, buckle your seatbelts and get ready to learn some easy tips on how to keep your leather seats as plush and beautiful as the day you first bought your car! 

Clean them regularly

First and foremost, the best way to prevent aging to your leather car seats and upholstery is to keep them clean. Crumbs, spills and dirt can all react with the leather of your car interior, especially with exposure to UV rays. This can cause accelerated aging, which results in dry, dull or discoloured leather. And, because leather upholstery isn’t as absorbent as cloth seats are, dirt and stains are a lot more noticeable.  

Experts recommend that you clean your leather seats at least once a month, or even more often if you notice excess dirt buildup. Leather is a sensitive material, so keeping it clean is an easy way to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.  

Conditioner is not optional

While conditioning your leather car seats may sound like an optional step, it’s actually a necessity. During the day, your car interior is constantly exposed to UV rays—even when it’s cloudy. Over time, this prolonged exposure can cause your leather upholstery to crack and fade in the sun. 

What’s more, every time you get in your car and take a seat on that plush, leather cushion, you strip away some of its natural oils, further dehydrating the material. Conditioning your leather seats is the only way to counteract this aging process, by replenishing the moisture that keeps this material from becoming dry and brittle.  

We recommend conditioning your leather seats and upholstery after every cleaning. Luckily, most high quality leather cleaners are already infused with conditioning agents so you can do both jobs at once, which brings us to our next tip.  

Pick products that contain aloe vera and neatsfoot oil

There are plenty of products out there marketed as both a cleaner and conditioner for your leather interior. The question is, how do you know which ones are legitimate?  

A good leather cleaner and conditioner will explicitly state that it’s safe to use on your automotive leather interior. Like we mentioned before, leather surfaces are very sensitive, so a lot of harsher ingredients that work well on plastic or rubber can cause damage to your leather seat covers. 

You should also look for products formulated with natural conditioning agents like aloe vera and neatsfoot oil. These hydrating ingredients work to soften and moisturize dry, leather surfaces to restore them to their original, like-new condition.  

We recommend a premium leather cleaner and conditioner like Hybrid Solutions Leather Mist. This all-in-one spray is simple to use, and the unique Flairisol trigger produces a thin, even mist for easy application and maximum coverage. 

Make the job even easier with some simple accessories

Of course, there are some other minor things you can do that will really make maintaining your leather car interior a snap. 

Like with any interior cleaning job, a portable vacuum cleaner will help you remove any loose dirt or crumbs before you clean and condition your leather seats. Just be sure to check your vacuum for any sharp edges that could scratch or damage the soft material before using it on your upholstery. 

You’ll also need a soft scrubbing tool that’s safe to use on your leather interior. We recommend using our Scrub Ninja products.

Each of these cleaning accessories is made with gentle mesh on one side and plush, bristle-like fibers on the other that reach deep into the seams and contours of leather surfaces without scratching them. The mitt works great for cleaning cracks and crevices between the cushions; the pad is perfect for cleaning your seat facing; and the block is ideal for covering larger areas, like your seat backing and upholstery panels.  

Once you're done scrubbing away dirt and stains, simply wipe any excess cleaner with a microfiber towel...and presto! Your leather car seats and upholstery are as good as new! 

Living with luxurious leather has never been easier. Maintaining their coveted, showroom appearance is as simple as vacuuming, spraying and wiping them down every now and then. Now, go enjoy those plush leather seats! 


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