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Regularly washing your vehicle is the best way to keep it looking its finest. While many people prefer to use an automatic car wash or have someone else wash it for them, washing your own car by hand can be very satisfying. Follow this very simple step-by-step guide on how to use snow foam to wash your car with our Snow Foam and Wax It Wet.


Before we begin, what exactly is snow foam? Is it a shampoo? The appearance of a wintry blanket on your car is what gave it its name, but unlike with real snow, your car is left much more pristine. Snowfoam is best described as a pre-wash, enhancing the results and long-lasting brightness of your finish after a car wash.

The thickness of snow foam’s formula is what adds to its advantage over a simple water rinse, as it clings to every surface, including all vertical and undersides of your vehicle.

Without a pre-wash, any pollen left on the surface of your car can be harmful if rubbed in with a wash mitt. Snow foam’s detergents are formulated to lift away any dirt, grime, and pollen from the surface of your car, and as they’re run off, hydrophobic polymers are left behind to shield against streaks. Our Snow Foam is also pH-balanced, ensuring already placed protective barriers on your car are left as they are, including wax, paint, clear coat, chrome aluminum, plastic, or rubber parts.

Avoiding any physical touch is key to applying snow foam. If you have access to a pressure washer, attach a snow foam cannon or foam gun to keep any scuffs or swirls from showing up on your car’s surface, that tend to be left behind by a regular wash mitt. However, if you’re unable to use a pressure washer, a microfibre wash mitt and gentle touch is a safe bet.

snow foam pre-wash tactics


Grab our Snow Foam and Wax It Wet, park your vehicle in the shade, and gather the rest of your supplies while you wait for the surface to cool. You’ll want to use a pressure washer with an attached snow foam cannon, two wash buckets, a microfibre wash mitt, and a couple extra clean cotton or microfibre cloths. When your car feels cool to the touch, you’re ready to begin.

  • Step 1: In the snow foam gun supply bottle, mix 90 ml to 180 ml of our Snow Foam, and shake the bottle to mix thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Ensure the surface of your vehicle is dry. Attach the foam gun to the pressure washer, keeping the tip about one yard away from the surface. Begin at the roof, and work top to bottom. Blanket the vehicle completely with the snow foam, coating all glass, doors, body, the bonnet, and grille. Some of the dirtier spots may need a second layer, like the tyres, bumpers, and rocker panels.
hybrid snow foam car wash guide


  • Step 3: Let the snow foam drip off your car, but never let it dry. If you need to, you can apply additional snow foam to dry spots.
  • Step 4: Wait about 5 to 10 minutes, then start at the top and rinse your car with lots of water.
  • Step 5: If your vehicle has only a little bit of dirt or pollen, you can skip to the last step. For cars that are extra dirty, try a shampoo like Zip Wax Car Wash & Wax.
  • Step 6: Take your wash bucket, and mix in 10 ml to 25 ml of Snow Foam per litre of water, adding a strong stream of water to help mix the product. Take the second bucket, and fill it with plenty of clean water.
don't allow the foam to dry


  • Step 7: With your microfibre wash mitt, dip it into the wash bucket and start at the roof and work from top to bottom. Rinse frequently with your rinse bucket before lathering up with more shampoo from the wash bucket.
  • Step 8: Again, working from top to bottom, use clean water to rinse your car completely after it has been washed.
  • Step 9: Generously spray our Wax It Wet formula to one panel at a time, while working each section along with a cotton or microfibre cloth to dry and buff.

Snow Foam works wonderfully to lift up and away any minor grime, such as pollen and dust. Our formula functions well as a pre-wash as well as a mild shampoo, while other snow foams still need a thorough shampoo after rinsing it away. However, heavy dirt and filth will require a car shampoo to cut through the grime.

dry and shine at the same time


The consistency of the snow foam may need to be checked and readjusted to get it just right, finding the right thickness to get it to stick to your car’s surface, while not so much that it doesn’t run off any of the dirt and grime. Without finding that right balance with the foam gun, amount of water, and product concentration, it won’t clean very well.

It’s suggested that you start with a product mixture ratio of 1:16, or 1 part snow foam to 16 parts water. If your car has a heavier amount of dirt, you can try a 2:16 or 3:16 ratio. First time foam gun users may find it a bit of a challenge to find the right balance, and most snow foam issues stem from the foam cannon or water supply.

snow foam troubleshooting


  • Foam Gun Settings — Test out various settings of the gun, as different elements are used to generate the consistency of the foam, from high water pressure, solution, air, and even the settings of the adjustment knob. Finding the right consistency is key.
  • Water Supply — Insufficient water supply can result in poor snow foam production, so check for any kinks in the water hose and ensure that the pressure washer has the right settings for ideal foam. It should be rated 125 bar to 225 bar, and at least 420 L/h flow.
  • Post Cleaning — If the snow foam dries before you rinse out the foam gun, it can build up in the spaces and tubes. After you’ve finished using it, make sure you rinse it out good with plenty of clean water. A clogged foam gun will add unnecessary difficulty to your next snow foam job.
  • Foam Gun — Your best bet is to buy a foam cannon made specially for snow foam. Pressure washers may sometimes come with a foam gun, but usually are not designed to be ideal for serious snow foam jobs.
snow foam top tips

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