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Turtle Wax Worldwide | Shine Squad

Turtle Wax Worldwide

We recognize that, no matter where you are on Earth, there's a sense of joy and freedom from getting on the road. Together, with our spectacular Shine Squad® members, we’ve travelled far and wide to discover each unique car culture and car care from every continent–and you can, too.

On The Road

Turtle Wax Worldwide

    The Shine Squad ® - Car Enthusiasts

    This stellar team of car lovers is here to bring you all things automotive, including car tips and tricks.These folks have a special talent for achieving the ultimate, showroom finish. With help from the pros at Turtle Wax, they invite you, as a fellow car enthusiast, to come along for the ride. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for beautiful automotive photography, car care advice and spontaneous road trip fun. New cars, vintage cars, show cars –they’re all fair game for The Shine Squad! Get ready because it’s time to shine!


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