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How Does a Car Paint Sealant Work?

In this article you will learn:

  • The science behind a car paint sealant

  • The differences between car wax and paint sealer

  • Tips for making your sealant coating last

Everyone wants that shiny, new paint job to last. Car wax is good at protecting your car from minor scratches and swirls, but they wear off in just a few months, depending on which wax you use. Paint sealants, on the other hand, are much more durable. 

Exterior paint sealants are tough, long-lasting coatings that you can apply to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from harsh, environmental conditions like acid rain and UV rays. But how do paint sealants work, and are they more effective than car wax solutions? We’ll answer these questions and more in this guide to all things paint sealants! 

The power of polymers

The key ingredients that make up most paint sealer products are synthetic polymers: man-made chemical compounds that link together to form a thin, yet powerful shield. When dirt, sap or bird droppings land on your car, the synthetic polymers that make up your paint sealant prevent these contaminants from reacting or bonding with the clear coat.  

Most of our paint sealants are silicon dioxide based. These durable, ceramic polymers form a tough, hydrophobic shell with built-in UV and chemical resistance. Plus, unlike most natural carnauba waxes, paint sealants can last for a long time—up to 12 months with regular touch-ups! Needless to say, ceramic paint sealants pack a powerful punch!  

While many paint sealants require professional application and take up to 72 hours to cure, there are plenty of more user-friendly options available. Our Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating, for instance, is super quick and easy to use and only needs 24 hours to set properly. 

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Paint sealants vs. car wax

Although car wax and paint sealants both perform the same job, protecting your vehicle, there are some key differences between the two. 

Like we mentioned earlier, pant sealants last a lot longer than traditional car wax products. The polymers in paint sealants are formulated to endure lots of abuse to prevent scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and paint transfer. In contrast, a high-quality carnauba wax offers more limited protection from the elements, but it creates a more impressive, cloud-reflecting shine.  

Many car enthusiasts prefer car wax to paint sealants, because they're more interested in creating a showroom look, as opposed to enjoying long-lasting paint protection. But because regular car wax only lasts for up to three months, the average car owner may opt for a professional paint sealant when they’re buying their car from the dealership. 

So, which is better, car wax or paint sealants? The answer is... both! 

Car wax and sealant bring out the best in each other when combined into one, incredible hybrid. These products are known today as hybrid waxes. This type of formula, a blend of natural wax and silicone dioxide, gives you the toughness of a paint sealant and the amazing shine of a traditional car wax at the same time. Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating and Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax are both examples of a synthetic car wax.  


Graphene makes its debut

Today, many car care companies have begun to add graphene to their paint sealants and synthetic waxes, revolutionising the world of car wax for professionals and DIY detailers alike. What is graphene, you ask? Only the strongest substance known to man!  

Graphene polymers are comprised of hexagonal carbon lattices that link to form a stronger shield than ceramics alone, with even more protective benefits. These synthetic compounds bond directly to the clear coat for better scratch and swirl protection, UV and chemical resistance, oxidation prevention... the list goes on. It’s harder than diamonds, so imagine its capabilities as a paint sealant for your car!  

Graphene-ceramic waxes, like Hybrid Solutions PRO To the Max Wax and Hybrid Solutions PRO Flex Wax, offer the protective performance of a paint sealant, the eye-popping gloss of a carnauba wax and the unrivalled endurance of genuine, state-of-the-art graphene to give you the ultimate paint protection for your car. If you want a beautiful showroom shine that lasts for months at a time, graphene-infused wax is a must-have on your shelf. 

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Maintenance is key

Naturally, with protection as powerful as a ceramic or graphene wax, it may seem tempting to skip routine washes and touch-ups, but regular car care is as important as ever in the upkeep of your vehicle. If dirt and stains dwell for long enough on your synthetic coating, they’ll start to break down this protective layer, leaving your vehicle’s paint vulnerable to everyday wear and tear. You don’t want all the time, money and effort you put into your paint protection to go to waste! 

That’s why we recommend that you touch up your vehicle’s paint sealant with a spray wax every now and then to get the most durability and shine from your protective coating. This only takes 10-15 minutes, and your car will thank you for the effort!  

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