75th Anniversary

Turtle Wax's 75th Anniversary

For the past 75 years, we’ve pushed beyond the boundaries of car care to discover new products, solutions and groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized the detailing industry around the world. Each year, we pour more passion, wisdom and expertise into making it easy to achieve a showroom finish for professionals and at-home enthusiasts alike. We’re the originals, the only brand in car care to commemorate a 75th anniversary, so we’re making this one extra special.

Check out the brand-new launch of our 75th Birthday Kit, complete with our limited edition stickers, hoodie, hats and tees. Plus, the unveiling of our incredible, Hybrid Solutions 75th Anniversary Paste Wax, featuring our unique blend of 10 different premium waxes and the latest and greatest in graphene technology. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion to collect our first-ever line of Turtle Wax merch while giving your car the ultimate high gloss!

75th Anniversary

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Turtle Wax

Once a Year Wax Sticker


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