Easy Scratch Repair Kit

  • Scratch Repair & Renew
  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • 1 Black Foam Applicator

  • Scratch Repair & Renew
  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • 1 Black Foam Applicator

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That bothersome paint transfer from the parking lot scuff. That annoying scratch on the roof from a cardboard box. Those micro-scratches from your fingernails around the doorhandle. We developed this car scratch repair kit to remove the light scratches that come from everyday life, and we’ve included everything you need to do the job in seconds!

The superhero of the kit is our popular Scratch, Repair and Renew product. As you rub this scratch remover across your finish, microscopic polymers slide and glide across the surface to gently remove light scratches. To complete the kit, we’ve included an all-purpose foam applicator and a super-soft microfiber towel for scratch-free cleanup.

The Easy Scratch Repair Kit includes:

Step 1

Wash and dry your car. As you dry, look problem areas with scratches.

Step 2

To determine if this kit will remove the scratch in question, run one of your fingernails very gently over the scratch. If the scratch catches your nail, you may need another, more aggressive cutting compound.

Step 3

Apply a dime-size drop of scratch remover to the foam applicator and rub over the car’s finish in a circular pattern on top of the scratch or scratches. The polishing agents will do the work for you. No need to press hard.

Step 4

Using a clean side of the microfiber cloth, wipe away the product and check your work. If the scratch has vanished, your work is done! If you can still see some damage, simply repeat steps 3-4. Once you’re done, the repaired area will be sealed from the elements and polished to a glossy shine.


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